Escape 11×14 mixed media canvas


My second attempt at mixed media art didn’t quite turn out like I intended. I meant for it to be a nice serene beach scene but it turned out to be a stormy scene instead. In some ways I like this one better with the storm clouds. The beach still looks serene even with the storm clouds looming. No metals in this one, just lots of chipboard, homemade glimmer spray and texture paste, with a final dry brush of gesso to tone down the color.

Products used in creating this project: (affiliate links: I do get compensation through most of these links)

I started with a 11×14 white canvas panel that I gave a couple of coats of gesso to.  I then added texture paste to the bottom third of the canvas using a pallet knife & spreading out to make it look like sand. I added cheesecloth Just in spots, wrinkling & bunching it while sticking it to the wet texture paste. There is no wrong way to do this, it all just adds texture to the piece. Using ample texture paste, cover cheesecloth completely. Let dry. While canvas is drying I coated all chipboard pieces with gesso, giving them 2 good coats. Here is where the real fun began….the painting! I started with navy homemade glimmer spray. I sprayed the top third of the canvas in spots and then with water spray and a heat embosser I sprayed over the ink to make it move on the canvas. I sprayed and dried multiple times adding more ink where needed until it looked how I wanted. On the middle third of the canvas I used turquoise homemade glimmer spray and repeated the same process, blending with the navy ink to make the sky and water. I then took texture paste and a pallet knife and made lines of texture on the water to make foamy waves. I used a light to medium brown spray to cover the sand and cheesecloth the same way I did the sky and water. While the canvas was drying completely I painted the chipboard pieces. The birds I used only archival ink in navy and a sponge dauber to highlight around the bird. The fence and netting I used the same brown spray & then highlighted it with dark brown archival ink in places. The pilings the birds are perched on I painted with a darker brown spray & highlighted with black archival ink. The seagrass was painted with a brush and green spray and highlighted with a little light brown spray.  The starfish and shell chipboards I used a little light brown & light gray archival ink to highlight. The anchor was painted with dark grey spray & added a tiny bit of gold acrylic paint I had in my stash.The cattails were painted with green and tan spray & brown micro beads were added to the heads with multi-matte medium.  I then glued down all chipboard pieces with multi-matte medium, which gives great hold , so pieces were secure. I glued mulberry flowers to the bottom corners with a glue gun and then sprayed them with light pink spray. I added shells and half back pearls to the sand and a piece of twine to the anchor, trailing it down the sand. Last but not least I used a dry brush and a little bit of gesso to lightly “frost” the whole scene. Done!

How to make homemade glimmer spray

Homemade glimmer spray is very easy to make and there are several advantages to making it yourself. You can customize colors to any color you want, make it as glimmer as you want and its much cheaper than buying the premade stuff ( such as Tattered angels, Lindys stamp gang). First off you will need some sort of pigment. I have see plenty of tutorials for glimmer sprays, but the all used either distress ink or alcohol inks which are expensive on their own. I used inexpensive watercolor paint. The kind that comes in a tube. I bought a whole set of 36 different colors that I can mix and match to make loads of colors, for the price of just one Tattered angels spray ink. Here’s the materials list:

Just fill your spray bottle about half way full, add your mica powder, I don’t measure, but about a quarter to half teaspoon will do. Pour in about a teaspoon of the hairspray. If you don’t add the hairspray the mica powder won’t stay and will rub off easily. If as in my case you use Perfect Pearls by Ranger, you can omit the hairspray as it has it’s own sealant already in it.  Then add your watercolor paint, as much or as little as you want. Experiment with different amounts, or mix different colors to make the colors you need. Above all have fun!

This mixed media canvas can be purchased on this site.

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