Mixed Media art….What is it?

I’m relatively new to the whole mixed media art world. Mainly all I’ve done is scrapbooking, which is an art all in itself. When I was introduced to mixed media art a whole new world was opened up for me, one that I dearly love. It introduced a freedom of expression that I had never experienced before. Scrapbooking, which is still my first love, is a very precise art. Precise cuts, precise matting, precise everything. Mixed media art on the other hand is more relaxed. To me it’s more like play, I can just jump in & let my imagination go and create. If I make a mistake I can just add a little paint or a little water and change the whole look of the project. I like the fact that what starts out looking like a complete mess usually turns out looking really great in the end.

OK, so what is mixed media?

I have been asked that question more times than I can count when I tell someone that I do mixed media. Mixed media art is any art that uses more than one medium, paint, texture paste, metal findings, paper, anything you have just laying around the house can be used. The only limit to what you can use is your imagination. Sometimes mixed media is called altered art because you can take an ordinary item and alter it, turning into a beautiful work of art. Have an old empty wine bottle? Add some paint, some found objects, and lots of imagination and turn that plain wine bottle into a beautiful home décor piece. The sky is the limit. Mixed media can be done on just about any surface, from wood boxes to cereal boxes, bottles, mirrors, and in my case canvases. Even old canvas prints can be covered with gesso and altered to make something completely different and wonderful.

Mixed media and scrapbooking

I plan to incorporate mixed media into my scrapbooks soon. I think altering the covers would be a wonderful way to add texture and interest to my mini albums. I already do to a certain extent. I always have added flowers, metal elements, buttons and baubles to my books, but I think it’s time to bring it up a notch and just let my imagination go. I might just surprise myself at what I can come up with.

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