Summer fun!

Just for a change of pace I thought I would post a video of my grandbabies having fun in our pool last summer. I’m in the process of opening the pool for this summer & wow what a job. The pool was left uncovered all winter & let me tell you it is major brown. This is a 26′ x 52″ pool made by Coleman. I usually have an Intex pool, but this last summer I upgraded to a bigger size & I got a good deal on the Coleman pool. Both are pretty much interchangeable in parts. It just amazes me how a pool can be just yucky brown and with a few chemicals and a little time turn it crystal blue. I use a product called Green to Blue by HTH.

These Ultra frame pools are considered by some to be cheap and most people take theirs down every year. I find them to be very durable and a fairly inexpensive alternative to putting several thousand dollars into a true above ground pool. I leave mine up all year round and just clean it up come summer. The last Intex pool I had lasted a good 5 or 6 years!

Along with the new pool I also invested in a Intex sand filter and saltwater chlorine generator. I recommend the saltwater generator along with the sand filter for crystal clear water. These are also fairly inexpensive and do a wonderful job! Just put salt in the pool water & let the filter run. It generates its own chlorine eliminating the need to add chlorine to the pool. It has saved me a ton of headaches by not having to worry about chlorine all the time.

These pool are very strong but one word of caution. These pools MUST be set up on level ground or they could collapse. When set up properly they are very strong and durable and will last for many years.

All in all this is a pretty sweet set-up that I would recommend to anyone. My grandkids love it too & want to come to gramma’s to play in the pool.

This is the size I have:

This is the pump and chlorine generator I use:

Salt for pool (need around 6 to 8 bags):

Sand to put in sand filter (should just need maybe 2 bags):

Use this if your pool ever turns green:

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