Mixed Media art….What is it?

53 Bluebonnet Lane

I’m relatively new to the whole mixed media art world. Mainly all I’ve done is scrapbooking, which is an art all in itself. When I was introduced to mixed media art a whole new world was opened up for me, one that I dearly love. It introduced a freedom of expression that I had never experienced before. Scrapbooking, which is still my first love, is a very precise art. Precise cuts, precise matting, precise everything. Mixed media art on the other hand is more relaxed. To me it’s more like play, I can just jump in & let my imagination go and create. If I make a mistake I can just add a little paint or a little water and change the whole look of the project. I like the fact that what starts out looking like a complete mess usually turns out looking really great in the end.


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