Tuscan door tutorial

My newest contribution to the mixed media art world has a bit of old world Tuscany flavor to it. From the distressed, well used looking door and the stonework around and above it, to the pebble walkway and flowers lining it, this rendering lends an air of tranquility and peace. Can you hear the birds singing?

Supplies needed:

11 x 14 canvas panel:

Texture paste:


Stencils of stonework and trailing vines:

Chipboard door and door plate http://www.dustyattic.au

Chipboard birdcage and birdhouse stand:

Homemade glimmer spray in bright teal, dark brown, orange gold and grass green: See previous post for how to.

Delusions shimmer spray in cut grass, calypso teal and pure sunshine:

Lumiere metallic paint in pewter and green:

Art stones:

Assorted mulberry flowers and leaves http://www.wildorchidcrafts.com

Assorted metal embellishments:

Archival ink in grey, brown and black:

Ink blending tool:

Start by priming canvas by painting whole canvas with a generous coat of gesso, or is as in my case canvas was already pretreated so I omitted this step. Then set chipboard door on canvas and decide where you would like it to be. Trace lightly around door on canvas with a pencil to use as a reference later. Now you can set stencils where desired and apply texture paste.

Make sure to clean stencils afterward before texture paste dries on them. Allow texture paste dry or use heat gun to speed up drying time. Make sure if you use a heat gun to not heat texture paste too much or it will bubble.

After texture paste is dry draw out where you want pebble walkway and using multi matte medium very generously apply to marked off spot. Apply art stones and using fingers push into multi matte medium. Keep adding multi matte medium and art stones until space is covered and all stones are adhered.

After multi matte medium is completely dry is completely dry spray whole canvas with orange gold glimmer spray. Then using a spray bottle with water spray over ink spray to make the color move around. Add more ink spray and water until you are happy with the way it looks.

Then using dark brown glimmer spray spray, spray all stonework and get that water bottle spraying again. If brown goes where you don’t want it just use paper towels to blot and spray water to make the brown flow into all the cracks and crevices in the stonework. Don’t worry, you can’t get it wrong, just keep spraying ink and water, blot & spray some more until you get it how you want it. You will probably will have to add more orange gold too. Be forewarned it is a very messy process, but loads of fun too!

Now after all that spray is dry it’s time to add more. Turning canvas upside down a using green glimmer spray, spray texture paste vines and then spray with water. Hold canvas up where excess will drip off end of canvas and away from all that inking you just did. As if that wasn’t enough, now take the grass green dylusions spray and spray vines again using the same process with the water spray.

Don’t forget to turn canvas back around after vines are dry and spray canvas around pebble walkway to make grass. You can also take a paintbrush and drag the paint upwards to make blades of grass. When finished with grass set canvas aside to dry.

We are now going to work on the door. Using bright teal spray door all over and use the same water spray process. Spraying water, then more ink. Dry with heat embosser, then spray more ink, then water, then dry as many times as need to get desired color.

Pop bottom panels out of door, then using a very small amount of gesso on a paintbrush, go over door and panels to tone color down.

Then using grey archival ink go over all edges to make highlights. You can leave iron work in door as is or paint it black like I did.

Pick out what door plate you would like to use and paint with Lumiere pewter paint, then go over edges with black archival ink lightly. Add small brads to top and bottom of plate and a cleat gem for the door knob. Glue onto door with Tombow glue.

Paint birdcage and birdhouse stand with desired colors (I used Dylusions grass green, calypso teal, pure sunshine) and glue to canvas.

Glue door to canvas after putting panels back into bottom of door.

Glue down leaves and flowers to make flowerbeds on each side of pebble walkway. I used white flowers and sprayed some with glimmer spray to color them. Then add flowers to upper right hand corner and to birdcage. Glue any metal embellishments desired. The metal number and gears I used are all from Tim Holtz.

Finally, using a dry brush method brush gesso over entire canvas to tone down and soften colors. Make sure to get flowers and metal pieces too. To finish off piece. Go over edges of canvas with brown archival ink and then lightly with black.


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