Brother Scan-n-cut

The Brother Scan-n-cut is my go to cutting machine. Its the only machine on the market that has scanning capabilities. You can scan in almost any image and cut it out. From cut outs for my scrapbooks to cutting stencils for my mixed media projects, its a wonder.  With the regular blade you can cut cardstock, light stencil blanks, and even material. The deep cut blade will cut chipboard, heavy card stock and have even cut light metal sheets. You also have the universal pen holder that will hold almost any drawing pen that is used to draw any scanned  image. Brother also has lots of design packs with hundreds of images to cut out, draw or you can use the scan-n-cut’s internet capabilities, with the online activation card, to work your  images on the Canvas Workspace. The Workspace allows you to download images from the internet and manipulate those images, then send them to the Scan-n-cut machine wirelessly to cut them out. You must have the wireless card in order for this to work, which can be purchased separately or in some cases can be purchased with the machine. The Brother website also has many images and projects that you can use to make some really beautiful things. Last but not least there are kits you can purchase to help you make your own stamps, kits with everything you need to turn your machine into an embosser and a rhinestone kit so you can bejewel all your clothing.  The sky is the limit with this machine!

I will be posting video tutorials on the Scan-n-cut in the near future. I hope you will come and check them out!


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